The guide fees depend on :

  • the season,

  • the difficulty of the mountain trip,

  • The number of participants,

  • The area : Adjusted on the prices of local guides companies.



For information, during the months of July and August, the average fee for a day guide's services is approximately 330 € to be divided by the number of participants.




The rest of the year, the average fee for a day guide's services is approximately 350 € divided by the number of participants.


The price of a trip only covers guide's fees. Any other fees is the responsibility of the customer, as specified in the terms of sale.



Terms of sales


Mountain is a dangerous environment. The guide's job is to reduce risks, or at least manage them. Thanks to his experience, and the means used, he will ensure the safety of the customers. The security, cannot be 100% guaranteed, you must be aware. Risks remain: rock falls, seracs falls, avalanches, weather ...

The guide will ensure the security requirements on the field, and give instructions if necessary. The voluntary non-compliance by the customer of the guide's safety instructions will cause the interruption of the trip without financial compensation. Moreover if you choose to ignore the advice of the guide you do so at your own risk and forfeit a duty of care from the guide.


The other part of the guide profession is to advise you in your progress.




It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain their own appropriate insurance prior to the course. This must cover civil liability, emergency search and rescue and medical expenses, and must specifically include the relevant activities you are undertaking. You must bring the relevant insurance certificate with you to show to your Guide prior to the beginning of the course. You can find this insurance on the French federation websites: FFCAMFFME.



For the courses take place in the best conditions possible, we ask you to report any particular health problems (allergies, asthma, heart problems ...).



The success of a course is possible only if several factors are favorable. Nivology, weather, physical and psychological conditions of the participants ... etc. If for whatever reason the initial objective of the day was not reached, the fees of the guide may be fully or part due. The conditions of this will be clearly established in the previous briefing with the guide.


However any program modification due to an external factor to the guide's will, cannot results in refund (sudden change in conditions nivo/weather, technical and/or physical impairment of the customer ...).


A deposit of 30% of the price of the guide service is required to reserve the dates. They will be collected and deducted from the guide's fees.


If you wish to cancel your trip:

  • beyond 15 days before the beginning of the service: the full deposit will be refunded.
  • between 15 days and 48 hours before the beginning of the service: the entire deposit will be retained.
  • within 48 hours before the beginning of the service: the full value of the service is due.


If the departure isn't confirmed, the guide will offer you one or more alternatives or, more rarely, the complete cancellation of the course.

If canceled by the guide, the deposit will be returned.


Please note that if the course is cancelled or moved forward the guide does not take responsibility for any other fees that customers have incurred like flights, hotels or any other expenses relating to the trip outwith the guiding fees.


Participation fee

Unless otherwise stated:

Price includes :

  • Supervision by a high mountain guide.

  • The collective technical equipment (ropes, tents, draws, pharmacy, radio ...) 


Price does not include :

  • Personal technical equipment (crampons, ice axe, avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe ...).
  • Individual and collective transportation (car, mountain lifts ...).
  • Accommodation.
  • Meals (including guide's meals).


Concerning individual technical equipment, please consult me, I could lend you some equipment or, if not I would show you a rental shop. The customer is responsible of the individual equipment, the guide reserves the right to charge for any lost or damaged equipment.


The guide accept no liability for customers personal lost or damage during a course.



We will do, wherever possible, a briefing before the course, the day before if possible. The purpose of this briefing is to understand your motivations, your expectations, your desires, your experience, so I can adapt at best to your personality.

It could be interesting to dwell on some theoretical or technical points (rope, knot, belay) to advance you.

We will also take time to explain in detail the progress of the trip and logistics. In the same spirit we will do a de-briefing later in the day to discuss the course, exchanging photos, and discuss how you lived your trip.

The purpose is to adapt to you, to be closer to your expectations and make your journey unforgettable.