Mountaineering is the essence of the guide profession. To guide you on sharp edge, glaciers or summits that’s why I have chosen this profession. I particularly like the Écrins mountain range, with its wild side, which provides a sense of adventure for all trips on its summits. But I obviously know other mountain ranges with amazing and magnificent routes. You cannot remain insensitive to the crossing of the great peak of “La Meije”, or the “Mer de Glace” (sea glacier) climbing route at the “Grépon”. Here are some ideas that we could achieve together. Any other ideas? Write me here.


Glacier Hiking

Mountain ranges : Écrins, Vanoise, Mont-Blanc

Duration : 1 or 2 days

Cost : Depending on the trip (between 300 and 500€)

A trip to discover the environment of high altitude, glacier hiking is accessible to all. We could cross the “La Vanoise” pass, the dome of “La Lauze” in the Écrins mountain ranges, or even the black turn pass in the Mont-Blanc ranges. With family, friends or alone this is the perfect opportunity to do your first mountaineering trip.

"Dôme des Écrins" usual route

Mountain ranges: Écrins

Difficulty : F (easy)

Duration : 2 days

Cost : 700€ (up to 2 person / guide)

Emblematic summit in the Écrins mountain ranges, it is a splendid ascension, with a breathtaking sunrise. With a required level quiet easy, this is often a first trip at 4000m high.

"Grand Paradis" usual route

Mountain ranges : Grand Paradis, Italy

Difficulty : F (easy)

Duration : 2 days

Cost : 700€

Emblematic summit in the Aoste valley, as the dome of Écrins this is a 4000m quiet easy. The ascension is technically easy, but the environment is high-mountain typed, and the view of the surrounding mountains are breathtaking. This trip will provide you truly fantastic memories, and will prepare you in the best way to climb the Mont Blanc. Moreover, you may have the chance to see ibex.

"Aiguille du Moine" south edge

Mountain ranges: Mont-Blanc

Difficulty : D (difficult)

Duration : 2 days

Cost : 700€ (up to 2 person / guide)

This trip use the superb classic route to climb to the top of the needle (“Aiguille”). The first day we will take the Montenvers little train, cross the Mer de Glace (sea glacier) to go to the Couvercle hut. The second day we will climb the edge to discover the amazing view on the summit


"Arête des Cosmiques" at the "Aiguille du Midi"

Mountain ranges: Mont-blanc

Difficulty : AD (fairly hard)

Duration : One day

Cost: 350€ (Up to 2 person / guide)

You will have the chance to discover this renowned route. Despite its attendance it remains a great adventure in a wonderful location. There are many other ways in the south face of the Aiguille du Midi that are less practiced, ask me!

The "Râteau" west edge

Mountain ranges : Écrins

Difficulty: PD (a little difficult)

Duration : One day

Cost: 350€ (Up to 3 person / guide)

An easy trip, closed to la Meije, which is accessible by cable car from la Grave. You will enjoy a high mountain initiation in the wild environment of Mont Blanc.

"Pic nord des Cavales" south edge or West edge

Mountain ranges : Écrins

Difficulty : PD+ (a little difficult +) or D

Duration : 2 days

Cost : 700€

The south edge of the “pic nord des Cavales » is a beautiful rocky trip. During the ascent you will face la Meije, and you will cross more or less vertical passages in a wilderness setting. The approach hike is short and the night is the hut of Chatelleret.


North edge and Grand Pic of Belledonne edges traverse

Mountain ranges: Belledonne

Difficulty : AD+ (fairly hard +)

Duration : 2 dayss

Cost : 7O0€

Doubtless the most beautiful route of Belledonne. To do this amazing route you should have mountain experiences, there are some climbing parts at level IV, and other parts are very aerial and "gaseous". Ths long route is practicable from June to October, until the first snowfalls. 2 persons per guide maximum.