The D.V.A training (Victime Detector in Avalanche) and nivology are two very important things for all people practicing winter mountain. I offer training tailored to your level of knowledge (beginner or advanced, single and multi research victims).


Several steps :

- Theoretical knowledge (one hour). The topics are: nivology, risk management, group management, research strategy, alert, first aid ...);

- In the field (how to grasp what is underfoot, group management) ;

- Start a search with D.V.A (Victime Detector in Avalanche) ;

- Using the detection probe;

- Shoveling;

- Preparing the mountain rescue services arrival.

Avalanche transceiver training at Chamrousse
Avalanche transceiver training at Chamrousse

Places available: 5 to 10.

Duration: Half a day

Cost : 20€/person