It is the simplest and most traditional way to move in the mountains. Lot of people take pleasure in, hiking during summer or snowshoeing in winter. I propose several unusual itineraries, mainly in Chartreuse mountain range. Hikes of dizziness, with bivouacs for the more adventurous, or a night in an igloo in winter for the most resistant.

On a day, or half a day, there are so many possibilities that it would be unrealistic to list  all here. But do you know the famous lost arches ("les arches perdues") in Chartreuse mountain range? The Arnaud's breach ("brèche") and the Chamechaude's garden ("jardin")? The Barrères's strap ("sangle"), and the heaven chimney ("cheminée du paradis") in the "Dent de Crolles"? etc ...


Places available : 1 to 12 person.

Duration : half a day to several days.

Difficulty : novice to expert.

Cost : Around 350€/day depending on the hike.