Currently Aspirant High Mountain Guide I can supervise a mountain trip under certain conditions (waiting for my graduation in 2018).




 Check out my list of proposals in the right menu.


  Here are my supervision prerogatives:

 - Hiking

 - Snowshoeing

 - Practice ground ice climbing and ice climbing

 - Via ferrata and via cordata

 - Traditional style rock climbing (“Terrain d’aventure”) without glacial access

 - Mountaineering, off-piste skiing and ski touring, with criteria below:

  • Mountaineering rated F to PD+*, at all altitudes (altitude limited to 4000m during the period from 1st of November to 15th of May).
  • Mountaineering of all difficulties below 3300m.
  • Off-piste skiing accessible by ski lift.
  • All mountaineering ski routes, without exceeding an altitude of 4000m and 48h, with at most one night in hut.
  • Other races in the Mont Blanc, the Oisans and abroad. Do not hesitate to ask me.


You can ask me about a trip that makes you dream, or have a look to my proposals in the right menu.


*The overall seriousness of the complete route based on all factors of the final approach, ascent and descent including length, altitude, danger, commitment, and technical difficulty. This system is now generally seen with French letters and is increasingly being used worlwide. 

F: Facile/easy. Rock scrambling or easy snow slopes; some glacier travel; often climbed ropeless except on glaciers.

PD: Peu Difficile/a little difficult. Some technical climbing and complicated glaciers.

AD: Assez Difficile/fairly hard. Steep climbing or long snow/ice slopes above 50 degrees; for experienced alpine climbers only.

D: Difficile/difficult. Sustained hard rock and/or ice or snow; fairly serious stuff.

TD: Tres Difficile/very difficult. Long, serious, remote, and highly technical.

ED: Extremement Difficile/extremely difficult. The most serious climbs with the most continuous difficulties. Increasing levels of difficuly indicated by ED1, ED2, etc.